Primary Energy Efficiency Offerings

Lighting Improvements

• Electric Motors & Drives

• Water & Sewer Conservation

• Building Automation & Energy  Management Control Systems

Businesses Identify a Need for Energy Efficiency Measures and Upgrades Primarily to:

•Reduce costs

•Reallocate dollars saved towards customer’s primary business

•Support Sustainability Goals

•Achieve Compliance

Energy Efficiency Process

•Simple project fee is applied to your monthly electric/natural gas bill to pay project back

•Customers have treated the monthly charge as operational expense, others as capital  

  expense work with your CPA about accounting treatment

•We do not treat the funds as a loan or report it as loan. No liens are held against the  

  facility. The program is not a lease.

•Customer owns the equipment immediately upon project completion – talk to your CPA as t

  his has allowed some customers to take advantage of new tax depreciation regulations, 

  unlike a lease

•Frees up your capital & time so you can proactively manage the other challenges you face 

  to successfully run your business