Energy Efficiency

Billions of federal and utility-based dollars have been made available to businesses committed to becoming more energy efficient. Energy efficiency and conservation are two very powerful tools your business can use to drive down consumption and energy costs. Energy Paradigm helps firms identify and implement efficiency programs to reduce energy-related expenses. 

 Some of the incentives available through electric and gas utilities in the U.S. are energy efficiency projects in the following areas: 


  1. HVAC     
  2. Refrigeration     
  3. EMS    
  4. Lighting     
  5. Water Conservation 
  6. Programmable Thermostats Insulation LED Signage Gas Cool Roof Motors Pumps Water Heaters Furnaces.

Energy Paradigm will help your business assess areas where a financial benefit exists and develop a business case to determine payback periods and ROI. In addition, we can work with your firm to create energy awareness programs designed to modify behaviors and ultimately reduce energy costs.