Energy Paradigm was founded in early 2009 to meet the energy management needs of multi-site firms. Energy Paradigm specializes in helping multi-site companies with greater than $1 million in annual energy spend reduce enterprise-wide utility expenses. We accomplish this goal by focusing on four key initiatives: energy risk management, utility optimization, energy efficiency, and sustainability management.  Energy Paradigm has forged strategic alliances with a number of market leaders in the energy management space to meet our clients specific needs. If you're a multi-site entity, we can customize a cost-effective energy management solution for you.

Energy Paradigm is comprised of domain experts and counterparties focused on finding the optimal solution for mulit-site companies seeking to reduce energy costs. In most cases, Energy Paradigm is able to tailor an energy management program that requires no capital investment. This results in our clients reaping the savings of energy cost-reduction initiatives very quickly.  Call us today for a complimentary review of your current energy management strategy! 

Energy Paradigm, LLC is a licensed electricity broker in IL, OH, PA, NJ, MD, & MA. Energy Paradigm, LLC also operates foreign sales offices in TX, NY, CT, RI & CA. 

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