There are literally thousands of electricity cooperatives, municipalities and investor-owned utilities in the U.S. some with a myriad of utility rate options. In addition, up to 10% of all utility bills have some type of error. We help multi-site firms navigate through the various rate options to ensure each of your sites are on the optimal rate and perform an enterprise-wide historical bill audit of all utility types . We use our expertise to identify utilities where a rate option exists, help you switch to the lowest cost rate, and audit 100% of all your utility bills to maximize all recoverable monies. 

Our Approach


 • Conduct a detailed tariff analysis of each site's current utility  rate and  

   compare it to other rate options to reduce regulated electricity costs. 

 • Analyze a large number of predetermined data points  to optimize 

   your financial benefit.

 • Provide a cost-benefit analysis for switching to an alternate rate and to 

   obtain all recoverable billing errors.

 • Execute rate changes on your behalf to secure any retroactive credits 

   held by the utility.



Energy Paradigm has partnered with two of the largest bill management companies in the United States. Our bill management service allows you to utilize powerful tools needed to effectively audit and analyze the data found on utility-related invoices. As part of our bill management services, you will have direct access to web-based platforms designed to help you manage all aspects of energy management. These platforms will organize data into a comprehensive database easily accessible across your enterprise. All bill data will be captured, audited, allowing you to identify savings opportunities across all sites.  Our clients are able to reduce overall energy expenses by identifying billing errors, eliminating late fees, reducing the per invoice cost to process and pay a bill, and utilize powerful reporting tools to reduce consumption at inefficient locations.